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The Southbury-Middlebury Scholarship Foundation was founded in 1984 by a group of residents to help local high school students achieve their college dreams. SMSF, Inc is a non-profit organization made up of 13 volunteers dedicated to raising scholarship funds for students who reside in the two towns.

In 1997, the SMSF, Inc was given the rare opportunity to administer the Delmont & Pfeffer Scholarship Fund, Inc. This Fund is a bequest from the Estate of Elfriede Pfeffer of Southbury who died in 1995. In accordance owith Mrs. Pfeffer's Last Will and Testament, the Fund is to be used for scholarship purses to help deserving students with the cost of college tuition.

Mrs. Pfeffer was born on May 12, 1903 in New York City and was the wife of the late Delmost Pfeffer.  She lived in New York until 1970 when she moved to Southbury, where she was a memeber of the Heritage Village Ladies Club and the United Church of Christ.  During her lifetime, Mrs. Pfeffer financially assisted student swho hd the intellectrual capability for a quality higher education but who needed additonal financial support to attend the college or universit of their choice.

To learn more about the scholarships or volunteering opportunities, please contact Leeah Joo at info@smsfct.org.

Board of Directors

Leeah Joo (President)

George White (Vice-President)

Dennis Jedlinsky (Treasurer)

Manisha Pujari (Asst. Treasurer)

Virginia Middleton (Secretary)

Robert Crean

Kim Dean

Donna Foss

Terry Latella

Louis Pontillo, Jr.

Ken Varotta

Janet Walker

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